Dear Friends and Partners!

It’s good to be back home after one month in Ukraine. Even so, I was almost sad to leave. We shared so many wonderful moments, and it was encouraging to see our big and growing Save a Life Family!

I am so grateful to all who helped us buy our first building, and I would like you to look at this video of how our project is progressing.
We are now starting a new stage of the project to make it functional and livable. The kitchen, bathrooms, and heating system need to be installed, and then the furnishing stage will begin. We are closer than ever to the end of our journey and hopefully will resume our work in the new premises before the cold weather comes.

If you would like to be part of God’s journey with us and continue supporting us, please consider donating.


SALI Conference

Our SALI Conference was truly a blessed time, gathering over 100 volunteers from our 8 Life Centers!


The highlight of the worship was Bria Blessing, a famous Christian singer from the US, with her husband Jessy. It was a real treat for all of us to hear her sing and worship together (photo below left)! During these 3 days, surrounded by the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, we shared our successes, our happy and sad moments; learned and trained how to serve our clients better.


Luba’s Story

Luba, a 31-year-old mother of 2, shared her own story of survival in front of an audience for the first time in her life.
It was the story of long-lasting abuse by the man that she loved, beatings, pressure to abort her baby, and the many times when her life was left hanging on a string.
By God’s grace, after she shared her situation with a co-worker who happened to be a volunteer at our Life Center, Luba came to the Life Center. That visit changed her life forever. With the help from our Life Center’s volunteers, she realized that her life can be different and she can have a better future for her kids and herself. Luba joined the church of believers and gave her life to Christ. At the same time, the threats and beatings from her boyfriend had become more severe until one day he told her that if she’ll try to leave him, he will “cut her to pieces and no one will ever find her”.
That was the day when, with the help of our staff, she decided to run with her children to another city where our volunteers helped her to rebuild her life, supporting her from the very start.
Now Luba has a good job, she supports her children, and most of all she relies totally on God and her new Life Center family to live a new life without fear and beatings. It was an amazing moment when she bravely shared her story in front of a full room of people, thanking God for a new chance in life.

Future Plans

prayer card

After the Conference, I visited a couple of our 6 Life Centers in Ukraine and also the big city of Kharkiv. We were invited to Kharkiv by Pastor Anton from a big Evangelical church.
When we arrived there, we were greeted by over 100 people who were interested to hear out about the Save a Life Ministry.

After our presentation, 32 women signed up for the training to become volunteers of a future Life Center in this city. Kharkiv is the one of the major cities in Ukraine with a population around a million.
We pray and hope that in the very near future we’ll have a new Life Center opening here.

training 1

training 2

Another city that we are starting to train a new team for a new Life Center is Lviv. It is a big city in the heart of Western Ukraine.
We pray that God will send more women and men whose hearts are on fire for the unborn and women in crisis situations.


Overall, during this trip, God especially showed many open doors for the pro-life movement and opportunities to help Ukrainian women and children through the love of Christ that is revealed through His followers.

During the National Prayer Breakfast events I had a chance to speak with many legislators and city officials who welcome the idea of having our Life Centers and our Educational programs in their cities and schools.

parliment 2

I believe that God is giving us so many opportunities to serve the people of Ukraine and I urge you, our friends and supporters, to continue be faithful and partner with Save a Life to save and change lives in Ukraine.

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With my deep gratitude and love,
Nadia Gordynsky

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