Dear Friends and Partners,

The last two months for me personally were an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness.
Since my return from Ukraine in March, when I came back with the documents for the purchase of the property for the Life Center in Chernivtsy, God lined up a string of events and people to send us the necessary funds.

I feel the urge to share with you my journey and the lessons He taught me.


When I first came back to the US with the goal to raise $125,000 in 4 months to pay for the building, I was determined to start calling people, asking for the funds. Never before had I tried to do something this big, and I wanted to jump straight into action. But a small voice inside me was whispering to call my old friend and pastor, Jerry, and ask for his prayers. During our conversation, I received not only the prayer but advice that changed my so called “Fundraising Plan.”

Jerry said: Nadia don’t ask people for the money, ask God; He has all the money in the world! Take a week to have a “love affair with Him,” seek His guidance, and just enjoy your time with your family.

And so, I listened… I took time off to be with my family, enjoyed long talks with my Creator and was just glad that I am His child.

The following weeks were like a pouring rain of blessings!

People, some of them who saw me for the first time in their lives, were sending checks or donating online for the Building Fund! I have to admit, if you could have seen me opening the envelopes you would have seen my tears of joy and me on my knees, giving praise to Jesus!

Here we are today, meeting our payment schedule! So far God has sent us through your contributions $80,000.

We are right on time, meeting our payment for the month of May!

Now I trust that God will provide the rest of the money, which is $45,000.

I do invite you on this journey with me, to be part of God’s amazing provision for the women in need and their unborn babies! I know that what He started He will finish, as He proved to me in the last two months.

I am so grateful for your open hearts, your sacrificial love and your generosity, my dear friends and partners.

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Let’s travel this road of faith together and be witnesses of the mighty miracles of our Father!

Nadia Gordynsky

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