Greetings, Save a Life family!


We are all experiencing this period of shelter-in-place differently. Some of you are enjoying time with family, while others are stressing over the loss of a job or fearing the rapid loss of investments or a business. For us it is a time of evaluating our work and adjusting to the new ways of communicating with our clients. It is captivating to see how God is creating new opportunities to serve people.


In all 7 of our Life Centers, we started receiving more phone calls. As COVID-19 cripples economies everywhere, more women are asking for help. While taking great precautions, our staff continues to care for women in need, delivering food, diapers, and many other essential items. Many of our clients are also depending on us for emotional and spiritual support like never before.



While our team working tirelessly to help others, other organizations and supporters helping us to do our job! We are grateful to Hands In Service, Christian distribution ministry to provide us with a lot of supplies for our Life Centers here and abroad


It is such an unusual and unpredictable time! Like with many non-profit organizations in the last few months, our donations dropped significantly. Despite this situation, we are grateful for the faithfulness of the many who continue to support this life-giving work! The following is from a letter that came with a donation and while it’s written to me, the message is for our whole team:

“Dear Nadia, I have learned that our ‘best’ giving is not out of abundance, but out of our need. God bless you in your wonderful ministry. I believe in you and what you are doing in Jesus’s Name!”
Sincerely, George
Isaia 6:8
A message like this is such a great encouragement for everyone on our staff because they are the ones who are working with women in need, and families who are struggling to keep food on the table. Will you continue to remember the vulnerable ones of this world? You can make a significant impact in someone’s life!.

We have the door of opportunity wide open in Ukraine! Please consider supporting this live saving work with your donation.

May God keep your family safe and healthy!

Nadia Gordynsky,
Founder and the President

Please consider donating now and pledging an amount to contribute monthly.
We are grateful for your support and believe together we can be a powerful instrument in God’s hands to protect life, support women who need help and save children from abortion!

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