We are happy to bring you the wonderful news!

Thanks to your generosity, we have $125,000 to pay for our first building for Life Center Chernivtsi!

This building is located in the very center of the city and is easy to reach by public transportation, which most of our women use.

Right now, it is in the building process that should be finished by the end of July. Then, the renovation process will start, and I’ll be able to see the progress in person, when I visit Ukraine in the month of August.

Through the pictures and the video you can see with your own eyes how things are moving.



Now we need to raise $50,000 for the improvements, which will start in August, such as plumbing, electrical works, bathrooms, kitchen equipment, woodwork and everything else to make it comfortable for the women and all our clients who’ll find refuge there..

If you would like to be part of God’s journey with us and continue supporting us, please consider donating.

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or Text-to-Give: 1-610-995-6656

Join us for Our Save a Life International Fundraising Banquet on Oct. 23!

With my deep gratitude and love,
Nadia Gordynsky

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