Our Programs

Learn While You Earn” Program

  • The target audience of the program is future and young mothers. The training includes:
  • Knowledge of baby care.
  • Personal care.
  • Building a harmonious relationship with their partner.
  • Domestic finance management.
  • Construction of a family life.

On completion of the training women earn “points” they can spend on items the Life Centers provide; such as personal, household or baby items.

Program to combat post-abortion syndrome:
Psychologists assists women whose hearts have been broken by abortion and who suffer from post-abortion syndrome to find healing and forgiveness. A specially designed course and support group allows women to heal in the safe and confidential environment and restore peace of mind to live a full life.

“Threads of Hope” Program
“Threads of Hope” aims to help families who have experienced the tragedy of premature loss of their baby. The course allows couples to overcome depression, restore trust in each other, strengthen their relationship; and thus, preserve the family.