Newsletter – May 2016


Our programs

Earn While You Learn
This program is a wonderful opportunity for our clients to receive necessary knowledge on how to take care of her child and herself. This includes managing finances, adjusting to life with a baby and learning important spiritual principals by which to live. By going through these courses they earn points which they can redeem for diapers, baby formula, clothing and other baby items.

Post Abortion Counseling Program
We offer a safe place for women to talk about their feelings after having gone through an abortion. Speaking with trained counselors, women can learn how to cope with grief and find healing.

On April 29th Save a Life Intl. welcomed a new Life Center in Lutsk, Ukraine. We are renting a beautiful 5 room office space that will be the home for numerous programs for women in crisis pregnancies, and those who have experienced physical, sexual and psychological abuse.
DSC_9478_eThe Grand Opening was attended by locals, pastors from various churches, doctors, journalists, volunteers and visitors. Guests had a chance to see the premises, meet the staff and volunteers, and enjoy wonderful Ukrainian food.




Prior to the Grand Opening, our team held a press conference with local journalists.  The news about the Life Center and all the services we provide was well received by media and local officials. Ukraine is very much in need of such services, because there is no place for women to get help in these situations. We believe that is why Ukraine has the 4th highest rate of abortions in Europe. We are there by the grace of God to make a difference.

Community outreach programs

During the last couple of months, our teams were very busy participating in the cities’ Family Festival, Mother’s Day Celebration and Pro-Life March. sal_chern_park_1At each of these events, our team had displays in the park where passers-by had a chance to see our baby models in different stages of development, ask questions, and engage in private discussions with our counselors and receive literature about abortion and the sanctity of life. They were also able to get information about our centers and how to find help in times of need.

Our stories.

Recently, four of our clients delivered five healthy babies: 3 boys and 2 girls!
One client Nadia had twins: a boy and a girl. Nadia asked us for our help when she was in the hospital. She had no husband and was pregnant with twins.
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Our client Yulia came to us 5 months pregnant, with a 10-month old baby in her hands and ready to go through an abortion. She is now a happy young mother of 2 beautiful boys. On March 4th she delivered baby Timothy.
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For some of our clients, our Life Center is their only hope, as they have no relatives nearby that are willing to help them in their situation.sal_chern_park
The number of saved children through our centers are growing! In 7 months, 5 babies were born and many mothers who otherwise would choose an abortion are now planning on giving birth and are attending our programs. We are seeing how their lives are starting to change for the better, how they are learning to care for themselves and their kids, how they bond with our team, attend church and read the Bible for themselves.

Our prayer needs:

  • Please pray for our team of volunteer that carry out all the hard work
  • Pray for new volunteers in Ukraine as well as in US
  • Pray for our leadership team: Nadia, Mila, Dina, Nataly
  • Pray for resources to keep our Life Centers running and for additional resources to open up new centers in other cities of Ukraine
  • Pray for financial resources for hospital packages: $80/each and food packages for moms in need: $20/each
  • Our humanitarian aid supply (clothing, diapers, baby formula, etc.)

For more information, please visit us on Facebook: Save a Life Ministry or our website:
You can also contact me with any questions or suggestions by phone:
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If you would like to become our partner and support us on a monthly basis or with a one-time tax deductible gift, you can write your check to:
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In His Name,
Nadia Gordynsky,
President of Save a Life Intl


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