Newsletter – March 2016

Dear friends and partners of Save a Life Int.,

February was very busy for our volunteers, here in United States and especially in Ukraine. I am continuing to travel to different Churches in the Philadelphia area, to share what Save a Life Intl. is doing.



Last week we were blessed again by Hands in Service, headed by Ed Tornetta, with many goods for the hospitals, orphanages, and crisis pregnancy centers in Ukraine.

Our “Life Center” in Chernivtsy is turning into a very busy place. After an interview on a local TV broadcast and on the radio, we received many more phone calls requesting help.4
At the present time we have 17 clients in our care. Some of them are actively going through study courses and some received consultations and material help. Some clients are still going through the struggle of deciding to abort or not, and we are praying for them and helping them choose life.

Here are some stories about our clients.
Ira and her son Nikita are doing better after spending time in ICU and later in the children’s hospital. Nikita has some health issues as he was born prematurely. Most of all Ira’s family needs to know Christ.
Julie’s pregnancy is going well. She is attending the bible study and learning to be a good mom. Recently our volunteers did a baby shower for her. This month she moved into her own place, which was generously granted to her by one Christian family. Since she came to our Life Center her life changed for the better and now she has a chance for a fresh start.

Nadia asked us for help when she was already in the hospital. Her boyfriend beat her up when she was 7 months pregnant and threw her out on the streets with her 8-year-old son. Our girls were visiting her in the hospital, bringing food and helping with medicine. Feb.21st she delivered twins, a boy and girl. Mila, our center’s director, was her birth coach. Nadia and the twins are still in the hospital and our volunteers continue to take care of them.

This month we had 30 counseling sessions. Also, Mila and Dina were invited to the medical college where they had an opportunity to speak to the students about the sanctity of life, abortion issues and much more. Our counselors continue to train and learn different skills that will equip them to better serve our clients.

Life Center’s volunteers distributed many food packages among needy moms with children. Local people also participate in the work of our Life Center by donating food, diapers, and baby supplies.

As our ministry grows we depend on God’s help and guidance in all we do.
Please, support us in prayer for these needs:
1. Our clients: Julie, Ira, Olia, Melissa, Sveta, Katia, Nadia, Tania, Oksana, Mariana, Veronica, Natalia. They all need salvation and spiritual growth.
2. For new volunteers.
3. For a bigger building for our Center; we have outgrown the current space.
4. For accommodation for the women who is in need of immediate shelter.
5. For the successful launch of the new Center in Lutsk on April 29th, 2016.

Also, I am very happy to announce that Save a Life International was approved as tax exempt organization under Section 501 c (3).
For more information, please visit us on Facebook: Save a Life Ministry or our website:
You can also call with any questions or suggestions on 215-760-1918.

If you would like to become our partner and support us on a monthly basis or with a one-time tax deductible gift, you can write your check to:
Save a Life Intl
1230 Glenburnie Ln
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In His Name,
Nadia Gordynsky,
President of Save a Life Intl

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