Newsletter – June 2017

Dear Friends of Save A Life International

Thank you for your faithfulness throughout this year! Our journey is very exciting and also requires a lot of hard work and dedication.
Nothing is more rewarding than to hold a baby in your arms, looking in its mother’s face and see gratefulness and hope for the future.

This month we crossed another milestone in our ministry. On May 28th our 52nd baby was born.

We have also helped over 150 women at our Life Centers.
Save a Life Intl continues to expand its work among disadvantaged women and children in Ukraine.


This summer will be busy for us as I go to Ukraine for our Annual Save a Life Conference, training and preparation of our Khmelnitsky’s team for the Grand Opening in November this fall.
Also, I will be preparing a team in Odessa, to open a much-needed Life Center.
We’ll have guests from Poland and Poltava coming to get to know our ministry as they expressed they desire to start Life Centers in their areas.As you all see, God calls us to many different places where help is so much needed. It is a wonderful opportunity to join this work, prayerfully and financially.
One of the great challenges for us is a lack of shelter housing for our clients who has no place to go. It is our dream and to find the resources for such housing and we continuously pray about this.
If God puts on your heart to help, please let us know!May God continue to bless you all!
In His Name,
Nadia Gordynsky

Please pray with us for:

  • Our group of volunteers who are preparing to visit Ukraine for training and a conference.

  • Our volunteers and their families.

  • The Khmelnitsky and Odessa teams as they prepare for opening of new Life Centers.

  • Housing and shelter for the women we serve in Ukraine.

  • Two of our clients who will be baptized in June.

Tracking our 2017 Financial Goal:


News from Zhaporizhia

Our newly opened Life Center team in Zhaporizhia is enthusiastically helping pregnant women. They also supported two clients, with a horrific abuse history, to find shelter and start rebuilding a new life. Eastern Ukraine is flooded with refugees and many of them are women who suffers from domestic abuse and violence.
One example is a 21-year-old and her child, who was held captive for five years by the father of the child. She was beaten and threatened by him. She called our Life Center for help after seeing our interview on the local TV channel. Our volunteers could help her escape, found her place to live and supported her through the transition period. She was able to find a job, her daughter is in daycare and she even wants to volunteer in our Life Center.
The best part is that she started to attend church.

Outreach Teams Share Pro-Life Message


Newly formed outreach teams of Christian youth attend schools with our volunteers to do pro-life presentation in the form of talk shows. It was my dream to duplicate the presentations that we started in the beginning of my pro-life ministry in 2009. Now it is becoming a reality and I am so grateful to God for this! This way we can reach many more young people, before they make the terrible choice of abortion!

Young Mom’s Club Expands

The Young Moms Club program in conjunction with Young Life international continues to expand in all our Life Centers. Most our clients come to this gatherings with their babies to hear the Gospel, share their successes and difficulties and socialize. For most of them these are the only friends they have.

Post-abortion Retreat

In April we had a post-abortion five day retreat where nine women were helped to find healing from the trauma of abortion. Now they can help others. This program is called Forgiven and Set Free.
In July a team from Georgia, USA, will lead the same retreat for 10-15 women in Western Ukraine.

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