Newsletter – August 2016

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Dear Friends of Save a Life International!

Highlights of the quarter:



We had our first Save a Life Intl. Conference!

Our volunteers, staff and guests gathered together for three days of reflection,
1 training and recharge.
During this time we shared our stories, experiences, our challenges and have set up the new goals for the next year. We had guests from five cities of Ukraine. They left the conference inspired to start pro-life work in their own cities and bring the message of life to their young people.


Young Moms Camp:

The week after the conference five of our clients with their new bab2ies had a chance to be at the Young Moms camp organized by our partners Young Life. Never before these young moms were invited to the camp where all attention was given to them and their babies. While these women had their worship time, activities and rest, volunteers were babysitting their children.

It was an amazing testimony of unconditional Christian love and care for these young women who went through crisis pregnancies and so much hardship. During the camp they had a chance to hear about Jesus, His love and His mercy.


New Life Centers openings

As a result of our first conference teams fro3m 3 more cities; Khmelnitsk , Zaporizhya and Odessa invited our organization to open our Life Centers. The need is great in Ukraine and the pro-life movement only recently started to develop. Cities with millions of people don’t have any centers or services which could reach out to the women in crisis, or those who consider an abortion. There are no significant outreach ministries that would reach out to the young generation with the topic of abstinence, sexual purity and abortion.

Save a Life Intl. іs this ministry and we are willing to answer God’s calling.


Teams in Chernivtsy and Lutsk were very busy during Camp season. Our counselors and volunteers brought pro-life messages to summer camps where they taught kids about baby development, abstinence, and answer personal questions about sexuality and how God intended it to be.




Yana’s story

Yana is 27 years old and married. Her husband beats her on the regular basis. We learned about her from a doctor. They called us to come to the hospital, as it had come to the question of terminating the pregnancy or continuing and keeping the baby. After the point where her husband wasbeating her to bleeding, she was taken to the hospital and pressured into having an abortion. The doctors told her that because her husband had beat her in the stomach as well, the child would not survive, or would have birth defects. They told her there was nothing worth keeping.

Yana had three children already; two sons and one daughter, plus her unborn child. One of her children has developmental issues as a consequence of her husband’s beatings. When I came to visit and support Yana, I was shocked at her appearance. she was dressed like a poor woman, wearing shoes that you and I throw away, a dirty, 7forsaken women. The worst, however, was the hurt and despondent look in her eyes. They were tear-filled and hopeless.

Right after the doctor’s meeting, we took her to our house. We gave her a change of clothes and some shoes, and we sat together and we told her about the work of our Life Center. Soon after, the doctor prescribed expensive medicine to keep the baby growing and developing normally, but Yana could not afford such expensive medicine. We made our needs clear to our followers and supporters on Facebook, and by the end of the day, we had enough money to buy this medicine to support the rest of her pregnancy. After 4 months, Yana prematurely delivered a little baby girl at 1.8 kg. She was in Intensive Care and was on a respirator, but God showed His grace and the little girl started to breathe on her own. At the weight of 2.5 kg, the baby was released home. Thelittle girl’s name is Polina. Yana returned to her husband and the situation has not changed. He continues to treat her badly. We are trying to do everything in our power to help this woman. Please keep Yana and her family in your prayers.

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