2020 started with more women and more  stories of life…


As we are all adjusting to the new year, I would like to update you on the wonderful work you are doing through your financial and prayerful support of Save a Life Intl. Your donations make it possible for us to run our programs, pay rent for our facilities, support the staff and buy supplies for the women who come to our Life Centers in desperate need.


Our special program called “Threads of Hope” was officially introduced to the medical professionals in the Chernivtsy Hospital. It is a course that helps women recover from the premature loss of a baby. We have the privilege of working with hospital staff to care for these women in such a heartbreaking time.



Our program “Learn and Earn” continues to attract more and more women who find it very accessible and practical. For some, it has even provided a life-changing experience. During these classes, women learn valuable life and child-care skills while earning points, which can then be redeemed for food packages and clothes, for themselves and their children.

Everyday challenges

In Zaporizhia, a woman named Lena came to our Life Center seeking help. She had been dating a man in hopes of marrying him one day. When she became pregnant, he made it clear that he didn’t want her unless she got rid of the child. Left with the choice to abort her baby or lose her boyfriend, Lena turned to us. We are currently working to support her and find her a place to live. It is a sad situation but there is hope for her and her child! We are so blessed to be a part of this life changing experience.


Happy ending

This is newborn baby Victoria. Her mother Natalia from the orphanage . Our volunteers were her before the birth and  during delivery. They helped her every step of the way and after the surgery our volunteers took care of the baby. Mother Natalia is home with the baby. She had become our friend.
Future plans 

After a year of preparation, we will be opening our 8th Life Center on March 13th, located in Poltava, Ukraine.  In the week before the opening, our outreach team will be working with students in the schools of Poltava and speaking about the sanctity of life and abstinence before marriage.
Our prayer and desire is that our Life Centers would be a resource in every city of Ukraine, so that no woman would have to go through an abortion simply because she had no place to go for help and support.

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Please pray for my travel March 6th – 22nd to Ukraine for the new Life Center opening and leadership training in Kiev. Also, exploring the new multiple locations and teams for the new Life Centers in this country.

We have the door of opportunity wide open in Ukraine! Please consider supporting this live saving work with your donation.

Blessings to you in this new year!

Nadia Gordynsky,
Founder and the President

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