New Life Center in Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Dear friends and partners!

On February 17th, 2017, a new Life Center was opened in Zaporizhia, Ukraine- a city with a population of 1 million. It is the first Crisis Pregnancy Center that has ever existed in this
city and will help women in crisis pregnancies and their children. Latest data tells that there is only one women shelter that presently exists in this city. Zaporizhia is located only 200 kilometers from the war zone and is overflowing with refugees. Government agencies along with Christian Ministries and volunteers are trying to help, but the need is greater than the help they can provide.

Recent data states that the city of Zaporizhia has the highest rate of divorce in Ukraine, standing at 80%. That leaves single mothers with children without support, a high rate of domestic violence, and many abortions. Every year in Zaporizhia, 5,000 innocent babies are killed through abortion. This number is only registered abortions. Obviously, the Life Center was very much needed and is the only place where womencan get help, and we hope, in the future, that there will be more.

The Save a Life intl. Life Center was very welcomed by local press and media. We have a wonderful team of trained volunteers that is eager to work in the center and already helping the women. Since the Grand Opening, 6 clients have already received help and are going through the programs. So much work ahead of us and we are looking forward to making a difference in the city of Zaporizhia, with God’s help!

More about the work that Save a Life Intl. is doing in other parts of Ukraine will be in the Newsletter.

To God be all the Glory and only Him we serve!

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