My trip to Ukraine that was cut short due to the travel ban, but by God’s grace we accomplished everything we planned in half time. Important to notice that it wasn’t our idea, it is God who put us in such circumstances. I can’t describe in such a short letter how many miracles and guidance we experienced during that time. All I can say that we reached over 400 students in 2 school days. For more than 10 years I’ve been working with the students, but still can’t get used to their emotional reaction… Tears rolling their eyes, young men with red eyes and trying to contain their emotions.



Some girls already had an abortion, some are contemplating. My hope that after these presentations their mind will be changed forever and they will never choose an abortion, no matter how hard life may seem at the moment. Murder of the innocent unborn is never a liberation, it is a slavery forever…


The opening of our 6 th Life Center in Poltava was the beautiful and precious time! One more place for Ukrainian girls to get help and the place where the new lives are saved! Right before my flight back to US we had a meeting with our leaders from all the Life Centers in Ukraine.


Life continues, women continue to get pregnant, give birth and the virus situation only deepens their hardship. Some of our moms are isolated in their apartments with the small children and without any help. Our moms, especially in Ukraine, rely on public transportation to get food and supplies. As all public transportation is suspended in all cities of Ukraine, our volunteers deliver the food and supplies to the ones in most need, because the majority of our clients has no one to help except us. As we walk through sensitive times in our communities and around the world it’s our time to stand out and provide grace, compassion, gentleness, kindness and patience to those we serve.


I’m personally very grateful for all the prayers and support from you, our dear partners and supporters! May God keep all of us safe and give us His blessing at these times of trials…..

Nadia Gordynsky,
Founder and the President

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