Merry Christmas – December 2017

Dear friends and partners of Save a Life International

Christmas is near and I would like to share some moments about the Save a Life International team’s work in Ukraine.

  • Four Life Centers are open and helping women in Ukraine.
  • 76 children were born since 2016, and over 200 women received help at our Life Centers.
  • Over 5000 students from various colleges in Ukraine attended our presentations about abstinence before marriage and the truth about abortion and the sanctity of life.
  • Hundreds of pounds of clothing, shoes and baby items were distributed to women with small children and families in need.

My last trip to Ukraine and Poland was full of blessings, surprises and learning. In Dunayіvtsy we visited the construction site of our future Shelter House, which was generously given to Save a Life by one of our supporters. It is an answer to our prayers. It still needs to be finished. We are inviting construction teams to help us and are raising funds to finish construction. We did our ministry presentation in the local church and laid the grounds for a new Life Center team.Our outreach team also did presentations in Khmelnitskiy’s University, colleges and technical school. Over 2000 students from the age of 15 to 24 heard the powerful message about sanctity of life, abstinence and abortions. The presidents and the staff of all the institutions invited us to partner with them on a regular basis.

We were also invited to partner with the local hospitals to promote life to abortion-minded women, and to help those in need of psychological and material help.
On November 9th, we had the Grand Opening of our 4th Life Center in Khmelnitsy! What a blessing! The opening was in the local news; we had a press conference prior to the opening, and the local government officials and city council were present too. Now there is a wonderful team of volunteers in Khmelnitskiy that is ready to help women in crisis in this city.

We also met with our Poland team for presentation and discussion on starting a Life Center in Gdynia. Locals tell us in Poland every 4th woman had an abortion; if not in Poland, then in another country such as Ukraine or Belarus. Because the law in Poland is very strict about abortions, there are full charter buses going out of Poland with women planning abortion. This is a new milestone for Save a Life and we are very excited to follow God’s lead in this direction.


From our Save a Life family we want to wish you Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!
We are so grateful for your continuous support and believe that together we can be a powerful instrument in God’s hands, to protect life and be saving hands for women who need help and the children who are yet to be saved from abortion! In 2018 we plan on opening a center in Odessa and a center in Poland. We are raising funds to support these centers, our current centers and our educational and humanitarian programs.
We are also raising funds to finish the construction on our shelter house. Please consider donating now and pledging an amount to contribute monthly.

In Christ,

Nadia Gordynsky

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