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“I am God’s Idea” was the theme of our 4th annual conference in Khmelnitskiy region, which brought together over 100 team members from all our Life Centers in Ukraine. It was such a great bonding and learning experience for everyone. Vlad Lazarev , our speaker this year was teaching a very important in our field course about conflict resolution. Beautiful music lead by Ukrainian singer …… inspired us at a time of worship. This year we celebrated 140 children that were born to our moms, which lives continue to change for the better.

One of the main highlights of my trip was Young Moms camp in Zaporizhia.
Our moms had a chance to spend 5 days on the outskirts of the Dnepr river with their babies and our counselors.


While our volunteers took care of their children , the women had a chance to listen the Word of God, sing, play and worship.Young moms team prepared very meaningful program for them and at the end of the camp these women started to open up, pouring their souls to each other , confessing their sins and many of them opened their hearts for Christ. The greatest challenge for these women was to believe that they are precious in the eyes of God and are loved and accepted by Him. I had a chance to speak with some of these girls and hear their stories.


Ira is an educated and smart girl, but because of alcohol and bad choices she end up loosing her 2 older children to social services and we met her when she was pregnant and lived in slumps with her alcoholic boyfriend. She was homeless and looked terrible. We didn’t know what was in the future for her and her newborn baby, but helped her everyway we could.
Today she is clean, raising her son , working and planning to get her older children back.
When I met her at the camp , it was totally different person. Our Life Center team is her new family!


We visited the war zone in Donbass region, , Maryinka and Krasnogorovka that was destroyed by heavy fighting since 2014 and still under occasional fire. With the help of local pastor we were able to see the distraction, speak with women and children and assess the situation and the need. With the lawlessness and poverty many women and children are suffering from sexual abuse and domestic violence. Needless to say that abortion rate is very high as well as crisis pregnancies. They need help with counseling and material support. I was very glad to see the big desire of the local Christian women to start Life Center in the town of Pokrovsk. After our presentation we formed a group of volunteers to start working on this project.
I am very blessed to see how many groups from many cities in Ukraine would like to have “Save a Life “ Life Center in their home town. We continue to work with the local hospitals and doctors to partner in saving lives of unborn and be the safe place for the women to open up and receive help.

Our educational program is growing fast.
With the school year approaching, some of our Life Centers were contacted by the school officials to schedule the classes with our lectures about sanctity of life. This is very encouraging development, as Save a Life is becoming a trusted source of sanctity of life and abstinence education. We continue to develop trusted relationships with the local educators as this is the great opportunity for positive influence on young generation.

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Our Save a Life Intl. Fundraising Banquet will be on November 2, 2019 in the Philadelphia area.

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