Grand opening of the “Life Center” in Chernivtsi, Ukraine


Save a Life International continues to work in Ukraine. The October trip was especially blessed as Robert Wheeless and Nadia Gordynsky started our first pregnancy center in the city of Chernivtsi and laid the groundwork for a new center in the city of Lutsk. IMG_6906The doors are opening for our ministry!

Over the course of ten days, the Save a Life team conducted presentations in academic institutions such as Chernivtsi State University, Polytechnic College, State College of Transportation, and others.
Also, we did our presentation at Chernivtsi’s Christian Coffee House, where over 500 young people were present.

Over the duration of our trip, more than 3,000 people had a chance to hear the pro-life message and understand the horrific consequences of abortion. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of gratitude and the huge interest in the topics of abstinence, sanctity of life, and education on abortion procedures. Students and teachers were coming to us with tears in their eyes, telling us how great and right on target our presentations were.
On Sundays we gave presentations in the local churches to explain the importance of pro-life ministry and the idea of crisis pregnancy centers. After our first presentation in Chernivtsi, thirty volunteers came for the four-day training and went through the application process.

On the Friday after this presentation, we held the grand opening for the Life Center in Chernivtsi. It was amazing to watch how God showed His miracles in the volunteer selection process and opened up communication with the local academia. Next Sunday, in the city of Lutsk, we shared our ministry in four local churches, and the same day 42 volunteers showed up for the introductory meeting.
The wonderful reception given to our ministry demonstrates the tremendous need for pro-life work among the population of Ukraine. Crisis pregnancy centers can be the place where Ukrainian women come to be informed and helped without judgment and, most importantly, where the lives of unborn babies can be spared and where the gospel will be presented to the people who are in crisis and most open to receive God’s Grace. What else can be more evangelistic than that?

This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a new and vibrant ministry that changes the lives of so many! Would you be willing to step up to the task and support something that makes such a difference in people’s lives for Christ?

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