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Greeting, friends! We have just received a letter from a counselor at one of our 5 Life Centers in Ukraine. It contains the story of Diana, a woman who came to our “Young Moms” camp in the summertime. Her story reminded me again that we do not have the right to abandon girls like her. We must love them as Jesus loves. Our counselor wrote:
Diana is 23 years old. She is half-blind and has many other illnesses. The girl is shabby and beaten, literally and figuratively. At 14 she was gang raped and after a while she was diagnosed with schizophrenia…Her body is covered by the scars from cutting herself. Some of the stitches from cutting a few days before her arrival came apart in front of my eyes.
In our many conversations, she told me about the voices she hears sometimes, and that when her soul hurts, only cutting herself seams to relieve the pain. When I think about all the pain and humiliation she went through, I see a girl that nobody wants, who was used and abused by every jerk that passed by. I know that only if she clings to God and His love, she will survive, otherwise she won’t live for long… and she understands it.
Diana accepted Christ during the camp and after a few days, she sent me a photo of her pregnancy test: 2 pink lines…. (she is pregnant) and she had decided to keep the baby. Diana now comes to church! Some changes have already taken place in her life: she quit her job (she used to undress before the camera), her boyfriend comes to church with her, and they are planning to get married. We are helping her as much as we can and praying for her and her baby.

For over 10 years now, I have worked with pregnant women who are lost and abused. Most people look at them with judgment, not knowing what is behind the smile and the decision to get rid of an unwanted child. Repeatedly I am shaken to my core. I am so humbled and my heart is hurting for them! We are saving babies from abortion, but we can’t forget about their mothers. These are the hurting souls, the women who need love and acceptance. We are there for them to show the only perfect love that Jesus of Nazareth can give.


Summer is very busy for our staff despite of COVID-19
During the last 2 months, we witnessed 12 babies born to our moms!


What a joy to see 5 our moms and the husband of one of them getting baptized last month! We are grateful to God that not only their babies were saved from abortion but their moms have committed their live to Jesus.


Philadelphia Life Center


Our Life Center in Philadelphia continues to serve Russian speaking women in North East Philadelphia with growing success! We recently celebrated the birth of little baby Alexandr. His mom called us for a consultation because she was considering abortion. After our talk, she disappeared for a few months and we thought she had gone through with it. How great was our joy when she called us at 34 weeks pregnant and asking for help! We were so happy that this boy’s life was spared! Today he is a healthy little man bringing joy to his mom!


Also, LC Philly is doing its educational pro-life work in Russian speaking communities and going to Planned Parenthood clinics to offer alternatives to abortion minded women. Some of these women changed their decision to abort their child only because someone extended their love and support to them in a time of crisis.


There are also continued preparations and training to open another Life Center in Pokrovsk, Eastern Ukraine. This is an area devastated by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. If the travel condition permits, I will be going to Ukraine in October to finish preparation for the new Life Center. Please keep our team in your prayers!

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