February 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Save A Life International, The beginning of 2019 was full of wonderful moments for us!

After almost 2 years of preparation, on January 25, 2019, we celebrated the Opening of our First Life Center in Poland, called Kobietam na Pomoch in the town of Sopot. We have a great team of 8 women who are passionate about helping women in crisis! We had over 80 guests at the opening, representing different organizations such as members of city Counsel, Human right International, TV-Trwan News-Gdansk, pastors and priests of different churches and many more.

All these people have welcomed Save a Life Intl’s loving approach to helping solve the problem of abortion in Poland. The country is torn by the political controversial and hostile views of this topic. A lot of them agreed with us that only through love and acceptance we can help save lives of the unborn, instead of condemnation and judgment. And that is what we intend to do. To love the women who come to us, give them hope and support and help them to choose life for their babies.

Our staff and volunteers continue to help women in their cities.

This young mother Lera, you see her burning eyes, because she is very happy for her daughter. The truth is that she did not want her, she wanted to have an abortion. Lera had a boyfriend, who was a drug addict. When he learned about the child, he disappeared. Lera had a very difficult childhood, so that she herself didn’t know what love for a child can be. She decided to have an abortion. But after long prayers and our tears, conversations that seemed unable to break through the concrete wall, a miracle happened. She signed up for an abortion, and when she woke up in the morning, she realized that she could not do it. And on February 1, 2019 her baby, Solomia, was born. After the hospital she was left homeless. But God took care of them through us, so she had everything she needed – medicines, food, and new housing.

Preparations for a new Life Center!

On my last trip to Ukraine we were visiting our new group in the city of Cherkassy and in the next moths they will start intensive training and preparation for the opening of a Life Center in their city.

2019 is ahead of us and we look forward to many more saved lives and improved lives of women. Our teams are working hard and passionately to make it happen. This year we want to reach many thousands of students in Ukraine and possibly in Poland with the message of sanctity of life, as we believe that it is much better to prevent bloodshed of the innocent if we educate the young generation and teach them to value life as God values it.

I am asking for your faithful support this year, because together we can be the great power in the fight for life. Power of love, showed by Jesus…


In Christ,
Nadia Gordynsky


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