Christmas is near and at this time of Advent I would like to remind you how much your support and your prayers help our mothers and their children.

New Member of the Board and Treasurer

We are happy to greet our new member of the Board, Anelia Ras. Anelia has recently joined the board as the Treasurer. She has been a volunteer at Save a Life International since March 2016. She started out packing donation boxes and soon started helping with the accounting of Save a Life and supporting the annual fundraising banquet.

Anelia loves children and most of her volunteering over the years have been with children or children’s organizations. She truly believes it is our duty to protect the unborn. Anelia is a native of South Africa (based in Pennsylvania) and has business degrees from the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa.  She currently works as a Learning & Development Manager.

She is married to Pieter and has two children, Lea and Thomas.
In her spare time Anelia likes cooking, traveling and listening to audio books.  

With the help of Save a Life 116 babies were born into this world

Save a Life Intl continues to grow in numbers, programs and services – to young people and mothers in crisis, Saving lives of the unborn continue to be our priority and we are trying to answer the need around us on many different ways.

Educational programs in schools are becoming encreasingly successful and we are working on forming local teams in different cities of Ukraine. The teams will bring the message of life and abstinence to schools with the help of our trainers. It has proven to be very effective in forming the worldview of the next generation of Urkainians

Our newly opened Life Centers on Odessa and Khmelnitsky started to bring results. The women are coming to the programs, babies are born and cared for.

Our Poland Life Center will open its door on January 25, 2019!
it is another big milestone for Save a Life International. We are very excited to expand our international work.

A new team in Cherkassy starting its training next month and with God’s help will open its doors to women in need next year.
We have so much work ahead of us with many challenges, but I believe that God will do much more through Save a Life and we are to work harder and be faithful.
And that is what we are determined to do!

Our educational programming reaches youth

I would like to share with you a letter written to me by our counselor in the city of Zaporizhia, Elina Brynza.
Today this part of Ukraine is under Martial Law and no one knows what near future will bring to their citizens. Despite such an uncertainty there are little miracles happening through the love and care of our Save a Life volunteers and counselors.

A young mother call our help line. We agreed to meet. Everything as usual. How many consultations we have had in two years. You are emotionally ready for many things. You are an expert; you cannot afford extra emotions or tears. Your task is to listen, understand the problem, try to find a solution, offer the right program in our  Center and of course make the client feel that we are on her side, that our goal is to help her. Sometimes it hard. Emotions take over and it is almost impossible to hold back tears. Rarely, but it happens. Because the volunteers are just people too. That’s how it was this  time.

Lena grew up in the orphanage. Graduated from school, met a guy and fell in love. She gave birth to two boys, 1 year apart. Life  was difficult, how would she know how to be a good mom.  She tried her best , and it was immediately noticeable. Without bad habits. Her neat appearance, style of communication with the child. She is a good mother and loves her kids. A little more than four years passed and two children were left without a father, and she was left alone again, with two babies in her arms. Her husband  died in a car accident returning home at night.

The time has passed. She began to recover and met a man. They decided to build a family, preparing for the wedding. She became pregnant with a third child. A month ago, he was gone. Just fell asleep and never woke up. Most likely mixed drugs with alcohol. Very soon she will become a mother for the third time. I do not know what words you can pick, how to console a person in such a situation? To say that she is in shock and despair – to say nothing. She was sitting there, looking at me and I hardly could keep my emotions under control, my tears started to run down my face. And she then said: “By the way, maybe some of your girls need a wedding dress?” What good it is for me now? ”- this question broke my heart into a small pieces.
Now they live in a hostel and we know how cold it is there during this time of the year. We offered them jackets and warm clothes. She was very shy to accept our  help saying that her situation is not the worst, maybe someone will need it more.

Recently, local people gave her a couch, gifts for the boys and we gave her baby shower! What a joy to see Lena and her kids smiling again in anticipation of a new baby.
Now she will be celebrating Christmas with us, her new friends and family: Save a Life Family…


With Christmas wishes,
Nadia Gordynsky


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