Chernivtsi Life Center – 3 years

It is 3 already since Chernivtsy Life Center opened its door for the first time..More than 100 women received moral and psychological help, as well as material. Most joyful moments for us it is when our moms call us and inform about the births of their babies and start thanking for everything. It pleases our hearts and gives us strength to move on.
November 3d, we decided to arrange a party for our all moms and their babies. The so-called common birthday party for our Life Center’s family. 25 moms and 45 kids came. We prepared for them a buffet table with delicious food, and did not leave them without the gifts. Each baby went home with a balloon and ton of positive ​​emotions and joy. Most of them never saw so many balloons and did not have a chance to eat so much food and sweets. One mother came up and said: “I gave my baby the first time to taste a cake and I will tell him about that day when he grows up.” When we began to meet them at the door, they began to overwhelm the emotions that were difficult to describe when the children (who could not be alive) so boldly went into the hall and smiled at us. Some will already be 3 years old. These are the Wonders of our little ones who delight our hearts at every meeting. It was a great joy to see those mothers and children who did not come to us after birth. This is a double joy, because it is a new sensation and encouragement. It was very nice when the moms united together and gave each volunteer a thank you very pleasant words. It is really very, very nice and touched our hearts to the depths.
Some babies are already trying to talk. It’s so touching when you hear the baby cry and laugh. You hear the word “mom” from their mouths … Seeing those who in the calculation of which were in doubt !!! Attractive moment when mothers who did not want their children take their daughter or son to their arms and kiss, hug, and rejoice. These feelings will never be forgotten and once again reminded that these three years were not in vain.
One mother came to us for the first time after birth and she had a daughter whom she did not want and said she would do an abortion, but she gave birth to a girl and gave her the name of Mila (you can not write it, but I was shocked that she called small in honor of me). It’s really not to convey what I felt at that moment. Because she looked at that little and understood her 100% MAMA HAD NOT WELCOME. And now she runs, shouts “MAMA”, and I really hope that every newborn is the GREAT PLAN of God.
The holiday was interesting and no one was left without attention. All eaten tasty food, got gifts and sharics.
It was atmospheric and for the first time my mother did not want to go home.

Mila Zarubayko, national director.

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