Back From Ukraine – What’s New

Dear friends and supporters of the Save a Life Family!

I have just returned from my 50-day-long trip to Ukraine, and with all of the many events that happened during my trip, I will try to share a few of them with you.

In June, we had our annual Save A Life International 2017 conference, where over 70 volunteers gathered in Myhovo, Ukraine for training, team-building and celebration. There were teams from each of our 3 working Life Centers, and two teams from Odessa and Khmelnitsky, which will start their work in November (Khmelnitsky) and March of 2018 (Odessa). We also had guests from Gdyn, Poland and Poltava, Ukraine. These women were sent by their communities to learn about us with intentions invite Save a Life Intl to open Life Centers in their cities.

The need for such a ministry as ours is great and the door is wide open! Everywhere we traveled, the news about the services we provide were met with great interest and excitement because Ukrainian people are so thirsty for pro-life information and education and these women are in such need of guidance, love and support.

After our conference, we had a Young Moms camp, partnered with Young Life where our local volunteers, joined with volunteers from the USA, were taking part. It was amazing to see our client’s babies that were saved from abortion, now playing and walking around with their moms! What a blessing it was for me to hold them in my arms….

Our next stop was Odessa. Upon arrival, we had the opportunity to speak about our ministry at “Victory”Church, where we also sang and worshiped together. During that week of fellowship, we started training for the new Life Center team! What a wonderful group of people who are so fired up and passionate about pro-life ministry! Each of them has their own story of brokenness and redemption. These are the kind of workers we love and want to be part of our growing family!

After Odessa, we visited our Life Center in Lutsk. They recently moved to a new and better location. It was nice to observe their work with clients, and to visit a few of them in their villages. Seeing the need and sometimes, desperation, is very humbling. I even had a chance to be in the delivery room with one of our clients, Inna, as she waited for her baby boy to come into this world. What an amazing time!

Our next project was our Post Abortion retreat. The course “Forgiven and Set Free” was lead by Mikal Qualls and Sara Klazinga from South Carolina, USA. With their help, nine women who were carrying the burden of past abortions received freedom and healing during 4 days of intensive study, self-examination and prayer. I was moved to the core of my heart by the amazing transformation these women went through….

In Ukraine, one in every four women has an abortion in her life. Imagine how many broken hearts, and depressed souls are walking among us. This ministry is so needed in Ukraine and we hope to expand it as much as we can!
There are so many other things that were happening during these days! Baby showers, babies being born, families helped…Observing what God is doing through Save a Life Intl. brings me again to one conclusion:

When God opens a door, absolutely no one can close it. It makes me want to be a useful instrument in His hands. And again, I want to invite you to be part of it, to make a difference in people’s lives, to SAVE LIVES…..because nothing is more precious in God’s eyes than a human being.

God’s own image.



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