Our Stories – May 2016

Recently, four of our clients delivered five healthy babies: 3 boys and 2 girls!

One client Nadia had twins: a boy and a girl. Nadia asked us for our help when she was in the hospital. She had no husband and was pregnant with DSC_7873_e twins.

We found out that her boyfriend threw her and her eight-year-old son out of the house when she was 5 months pregnant. Fortunately, Nadia was able to send her son to live with her grandmother.  Our volunteers were with her throughout the entire process, supplying medicine (in Ukraine, patients must provide their own medicine, and for our clients it is not affordable),  preparing and bringing meals and doing many other chores. Now Nadia is raising her babies, attending our “Earn while you Learn” program and slowly, with help, rebuilding her life.

Our client Yulia came to us 5 months pregnant, with a 10-month old baby in her hands and ready to go through an abortion.

She is now a happy young mother of 2 beautiful boys. On March 4th she delivered baby Timothy. Instead of despair she received great joy! She is renting a small apartment, learning to cook, and taking care of her children. She is attending our “Earn While You Learn” program and getting her life back on track. Our biggest joy is that she has dedicated her life to Christ!  This is one of the success stories that inspires us to dedicate our time, energy and resources to saving and changing the live of these women and children.