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Greetings friends, wanted to share this story about Yulia, a story of hope and a story of a life saved.
This month, one of our new clients got to us in a very unusual way. Her godfather called us on Sunday after lunch saying, “Good day, do you guys accept anyone right now?”
“Yes, we are accepting people. Where are you located?”
“I’m currently in Kiev.”
“Maybe it would be better to find a similar place around Kiev?”
“I’m calling about my god-daughter. She wants to do an abortion! She is from Poltava and today she is going on the train and will be in Poltava by morning.”
My reaction was sudden, right away I wrote to all our groups, our centers and church community so that they would be praying that Yulia wouldn’t get lost on her way and would find her way to us. Praise God, Yulia called us in the morning and we set a time to meet. And here she was, a 26 – year old, lost, rejected girl whose face was covered in tears. She did not fully understand, who we were and how we would be able to help her. As we started chatting, we found out she’s been living in Istanbul, Turkey for the last 4 years with a guy, who was her boyfriend. Living a freelance artist lifestyle. Sometimes photographing, mostly when Russian speaking girls came to Turkey. And that was her only income. At one point, when she was 6 years old, her parents left her with her grandmother and went to Portugal to earn some money. From that moment on, she saw herself as betrayed by her parents. And here, once again, she was feeling betrayed. She was crying the whole time sharing her story. At 14 years of age, she was told she had some kind of sickness that would cause her to be infertile. And she lived with that label- Being Infertile. Of course, just like any normal woman, she wanted to get married, have a family and raise children. And here she is, all of a sudden, pregnant, not married, and more than that, the guy that she has been living with told her he is not planning to get married and he doesn’t need kids, telling her to go get an abortion. He didn’t give her any money at all so she had to buy a ticket to Ukraine with her own money.

In just one moment, everything shattered.
That rhythm of life that she lived in, that comfort that she had, all gone.
Good morning Ukraine, gloomy and non-hospitable. After a long conversation with her, about her relationship with her Turkish boyfriend and this unforeseen pregnancy, that she understood God has gifted her with, we left the office laughing through the tears. Praise God that after our conversation, we were able to send her to get her ultrasound done, which is such a blessing that we have an ultra sound technician as a volunteer.
This visit strengthened Yulia’s decision to save her child. After the ultrasound, our volunteer who is a psychologist, took Yulia in, where she was able to talk to her about the topic of betrayal and unforgiveness.

Yulia got an appointment with a doctor and did not use her return ticket back to Istanbul deciding to stay in Ukraine and keep her child that is a gift from God.

Praise God that another life is saved.

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This is just one of the many stories that we have been receiving. It’s so amazing how many lives are impacted and it brings us to tears every time reading the stories of redemption, of second chances and young moms receiving hope in what seem like hopeless situations. Praise God! Thank you for being a part of seeing these kind of stories come to pass through your support and your prayers. May God bless you! We hope you will join us in 2 weeks whether virtual or in person to celebrate the last 5 years of lives being saved and take part of what is yet to come. May God bless you!
-Nadia Gordynsky, President

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