10 Years Ago

This month, 10 years ago, I traveled to Ukraine on an invitation from Olga Romanenko, a friend of mine, to participate in a series of pro-life presentations. I’ll never forget the moment I first saw four-year-old girl Bohdanka, survivor of saline abortion, coming up on the stage with her adopted father, holding his hand. I remember the eyes of the students, full of wonder and tears, holding a twelve-week-old fetus model, absorbing every word about abortion and the sanctity of life. I was shocked by the statistics of abortions in Ukraine, by the stories of women who confessed multiple abortions and were asking for healing from the horrible memories and guilt.

The tragedy of abortion in my home country was hanging like a dark cloud over my head, like a vision of bloody marks on millions of my fellow countrymen.

I could never again be the oblivious Nadia who doesn’t see the pain and tragedy of the people around me. I will never again be able to look at the women who suffer silently inside without compassion. Yes, my life was changed forever on this trip… I’m glad that I went.

I’m glad that Olga invited me and even the motto of our presentations became the name of our organization: “Save a Life”.

Then there were many more trips like this, many friends joined me and have become team members – Jenia Piankov, Pasha Tupchik, Ivan Lukianchuk, Alla Kiselev, Stephan and Alla Robinsons, Svitlana Leshchenko, Olga Ziniak and many more… There were friends who inspired us, I can’t even count all of them! Those who opened their houses for us, who provided food, transportation and much more!

All of this for the sake of the unborn, for the sake of suffering women who need healing, for the sake of hundreds of children who are alive, breathing and growing!

That’s how it all started. Trip of 2009… My life changed, I changed. It’s still hard to believe that today Save a Life has 5 Life Centers in Ukraine, one in Poland and one recently opened in my city of Philadelphia. I know now that nothing is impossible for God. He has a plan and I am so humbled and happy to be a part of it.

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